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    大卯能源(遼寧大卯新能源供熱設備制造有限公司)始終堅持走節能減排, 能源利用,綠色發展之路,大力發展以谷電采暖為特征的清潔能源和新能源 業務,重點發展谷電蓄熱電采暖業務,力求做到綠色供暖,環保小小的你, 溫暖大大的家。

    Mao energy, in the start-up of the, related to the core of the project and the technology by the national Ministry of science and technology 963 plan in the field of resource and environment technology subject group, Xue Ming Zhang Professor know development, and by five from in different colleges and universities graduate and doctoral tutor with R & D and the earliest formed the rudiment of Mao energy, on the establishment and development of the company laid the foundation. Their members are now big energy 211.985 colleges and overseas graduates.

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